community interest The Food Gardens is a community interest company based at Walcot Hall in South Shropshire. Its purpose is to encourage food gardening through inspiration, demonstration and information. To find out about courses being offered, read more here

Welcome to the Food Gardens

The Food Gardens

Work began in 2012 with a self-sufficient garden, large enough to feed two adults and two children. A food garden suitable for a school was established in 2014. Also, two small gardens with different cropping suggestions were laid out and will be in full production in 2015.

The Balance

We all need a balance between work that is mentally demanding and sedentary, and work that is not only physical but also materially productive. As well as the obvious benefits of producing healthy food, gardening may be thought of as ‘vitamin G’. When you have the knowledge and skill to get good results, engaging in all the activities needed to allow crops to flourish produces a feeling of wellbeing that is hard to describe.

Global Picture

There are many global processes adversely affecting food production and distribution: climate change and its many consequences, soil degradation, peak oil and increasing global population. The total area of private gardens in Britain is twice that used by commercial vegetable growers. Growing food for ourselves in our gardens has great potential, and is definitely the smart thing to do.

walled gardens


The Food Gardens, CIC, was set up in spring 2012 by Robert Milne. Alder Tye is a co-director. It's located in part of the oddly shaped walled garden and covers an area about the size of five allotments.

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